A portrait of a tigress

For a lot of photographers, when we talk about wildlife photography, action is king and the simple portraits can be a tad bit boring. I did think on the same lines but as i mature as a wildlife and nature photographer and after having taken thousands of portraits of big cats especially tigers, I have come to realise that each portrait is special in its own right. Animals especially big cats are so expressive that with each portrait, one captures a different look/ mood/ emotion.

This image was taken accidentally because on the day i was only carrying a long telephoto lens and it just so happened that the tiger sat right behind my vehicle, perhaps 7 to 10 feet away. I jumped into the back seat and got as low as possible but all I could get was a tight portrait of the tigers face. So I took the shot anyway. It was only when I got back to my lodge that I realised the calm and serene expression on her face and how that contrasts with the perception that a tiger is a dangerous wild animal.

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