I started my career as an entrepreneur, having found my first business straight after university at the age of 23. In my non photography days I have designed and developed business automation software, run an outsourcing consulting firm and even advised on Online Reputation Management. The last 5 years before I turned into a full time wildlife photographer, I was trading equity and derivatives on various stock exchanges in India.

I consider myself very fortunate that today I can spend all my time photographing and spending time with wild animals. Even though I have lived in a large city all my life, I was introduced to the wild and its wildlife at a very young age. In the early 80’s my uncle would take me to Bandhavgarh National Park to try and catch a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger. It was not until much later that I took on wildlife photography as a hobby and over the years turned it into an obsession.

While I love and respect all wildlife, Tigers and their wellbeing seems to be closest to my heart. I maintain a strong ethic while photographing animals in the wild, respecting their space and placing their welfare above all.

My Work
With my work I aim to create an emotional connect between the viewer and the animal. I try and capture wild animals in their simplest form and in that regard focus a great deal on making portraits of wild animals especially big cats. Most often than not I consider color to be a distraction so I prefer to process images as Black & Whites or monotones.

Favourite Locations
My favourite photography locations would depend on what i am photographing, but if i was to just name one location it would have to be Ranthambhore National Park. I have been visiting Ranthambhore for over 20 years and for good reason. The tigers are bold and beautiful making them a delight to photograph. The park is dotted with ancient ruins giving the place so much character. This place is truly magical.

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