Arjun Anand is a visual artist and fine art photographer based in India. While he travels the world photographing people and landscapes, photographing exotic wildlife is what he is most passionate about.

Arjun was first introduced to the wild in the mid 1980’s by his uncles. The family trips to Bandhavgarh National Park to try and catch a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger would have a lasting impression in his mind. Little did he know, that two decades later, he would end up spending two and a half years tracking and photographing a man eating tiger at Ranthambhore National Park.

Arjun has always been creatively inclined and considers himself very fortunate that he can devote all his time doing what he is most passionate about. Arjun is constantly experimenting with his work incorporating principles of minimalism, grunge, the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi to name a few. Black and white is his medium of choice because of its timelessness qualities and it’s ability to remove the distraction of colour and enable the viewer to better connect with the subject.

He started his career as an entrepreneur, having found his first business straight after university at the age of 23. Before turning into a full time photographer, he was designing and developing business automation software, managing an outsourcing business and even advised clients on Social Media and Online Reputation Management. He is also an active investor, investing in stocks and commodities on various exchanges in India.