Behind the ‘Savage’ portrait

I guess its self evident why i like to refer to ‘Gowrie male IV‘ as the ‘Savage’ portrait. It all started with an early morning safari at the Mala Mala reserve in South Africa. I had already been on safari for the past few days and had some pretty decent sightings of lions, leopards and other wildlife in general but i was yet to witness something breathtaking.

An hour or so into the safari and we stumbled upon a pride of lions doing what they do best, lazing around. I was a bit disappointed but it was hard to leave the pride of lions so we decided to hang around there for a while. Imagine my excitement when my ranger spotted an antelope heading in our direction. An antelope, a heard of lions, were we going to witness a kill. Could i get to photograph the savagery.

One of the lionesses spotted the antelope and within a fraction of a second went into attack mode. Soon she was joined by a few other lionesses in the pride. As a fine art photographer, i was not too exited about the kill shot more than what follows. Lions like most big cats get possessive with their kill and photographing their reactions to one another would make some good imagery.

After about 30 minutes of stalking, the lionesses managed to bring down the antelope only to loose it to one of the two males in the pride. The portraits capture the reaction of one of the dominant males.

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