‘Noor’, new print available

I just finished this image titled ‘Noor’ that i had taken on a recent trip to Ranthambore National Park. Noor is a common Arabic name derived from the word ‘An-Nur’ meaning ‘the light’ and it also happens to be the name of this tiger.

I was fortunate to witness Noor mating with a tiger called Khumba and during one of the mating sessions she decided to take a dip at a nearby waterhole. I have missed hundreds of good photographic opportunities because i did not have my cameras ready so from experience i adjusted the exposure and took a test shot. Now it was just a matter of waiting for her to make some sort of eye contact with me. In most of my work i am looking at making eye contact with the wild animal to establish an emotional connection between a viewer and the animal. All of a sudden she looked up straight at me and the moment would not have lasted for more than a few seconds but since i was ready, i managed to get what i wanted.

View larger version of ‘Noor’ here.

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