Official launch of my book

“This is a beautiful book, and captures the glory of Ranthambore”
Mr Sukhram Bishnoi, Hon’ble Minister for Forest & Environment, Government of Rajasthan

I officially launched my pet project Hamir: The Fallen Prince of Ranthambhore on the October 21 at 6 p.m. Indian Standard Time.

I had originally planned a more personal and intimate affair at Ranthambore with my safari team and select members of the forest department and members of the local community, but we live in strange times. I had to make do with an e-launch.  Having said that, I was amazed at how well it turned out. The expert opinions of the panellists were greatly illuminating and the discussions we had on Ranthambore National Park, Tigers and Wildlife conservation were extremely enriching. 

The panellists included:

– Mr Sukhram Bishnoi, Hon’ble Minister for Forest and Environment, Government of Rajasthan
– Mr Y. K. Sahu, Ex CCF Ranthambore National Park
– Mr Mukund Sanghi, co-founder, Pirates Publishing
– The event was moderated by senior journalist, Mr Sourish Bhattacharyya 

I would also take this opportunity to thank Pawan and his entire team at Wishbox Studio for organising the event.

Mr Sukhram Bishnoi, hon’ble Minister, while launching the book said, “This is a beautiful book, and captures the glory of Ranthambore. While looking at the pictures, I felt as if I am standing right in the middle of the park. This book will significantly contribute to the overall growth and development of the Ranthambore Tigers.”

Mr Sourish Bhattacharyya added, “This book has the potential to put Arjun Anand on the world map of wildlife photography.”

Mr Mukund Sanghi, co-founder of Pirates, the publisher of the book, said: “Arjun Anand’s photography has immortalised the Royal Bengal Tiger in a way that shall be forever etched onto the pages of history. He has captured a man-eater tiger on camera like never before. The people of Rajasthan have for centuries protected their wildlife. The glory of Ranthambore, as is evident through this book, stands testimony to our inclusive cultural values. Pirates is proud to be associated with this project and take it to the world.” 

Watch the panel discussing the book, wildlife in India, wildlife conservation challenges and the way forward: 

The book, Hamir: The Fallen Prince of Ranthambhore is now available on |