‘Swan lake’, new print available

I named this image ‘Swan Lake’ and for good reason. When I reached this remote location in Hokkaido, Japan, all I could see was this frozen lake, mountains in the background and swans. It was heavenly. Fortunately I could get really low to photograph these swans, so I lay on the ground and waited for a swan to pose for me.

I am not sure how swans are in other parts of the world, but out here, they were very fidgety and while I was getting the shots I wanted, I could not get a decent reflection. After a long wait in the cold, I managed to get the shot i wanted.

For all the younger photographers, it is extremely important that you scout a location, research the location and condition online or hire a good guide who knows the location very well. I knew beforehand that i could get really low (eye level) at this location and i also knew that the swans here were not too skittish which meant i could get really close. This knowledge was crucial in me selecting this location over other locations. It also helped me select the best lens for this image.

View larger version of ‘Swan lake’ here.

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